Steinway & Sons Spirio

In the current situation, concerts with the participation of virtual audiences have become commonplace. Almost every day, we can watch live streams provided by musician on social media. Many creative initiatives are made using the latest technologies.
In this context, we would like to mention the innovative instrument of the most famous piano manufacturer in the world, which is Steinway & Sons. In 2015, the company announced the debut of the Steinway & Sons Spirio piano. This self-playing instrument combines the centuries-old tradition of piano makers with the latest technological achievements of the 21st century.

What is the Steinway Spirio's self-playing mechanism?

Steinway & Sons Spirio has a database of recordings that it can play, or more precisely, perform, which is why the instrument is often called "re-performance piano". Higher model – Spirio | r - has been equipped with the function of recording your performance, with the option of editing and later playback. Spirio uses a complex optical sensor system and proprietary software to translate hammer speed and ensure proper pedaling. Thanks to this technology, the Spirio piano is able to reproduce the touch of a key and, as a consequence, the hammer striking the string in exactly the same way as it was performed by the pianist, whose recording is played through the Spirio piano. This invention can be very helpful in the process of piano education. Thanks to playing recordings on the Spirio piano, we have the opportunity to closely observe pedaling or experience the touch of the keyboard of great Masters.
Steinway & Sons Spirio allows you to listen to concerts not through the speaker, but with the help of a "virtual pianist" who plays the Spirio piano in our home. Steinway & Sons plans to create a platform that will enable concerts from the philharmonic to be broadcast to your home in real time via the Spirio piano. So if you would like to invite to your home, for example, Vladimir Horowitz or Yuja Wang, be sure to check out the Steinway & Sons website to watch a short video about the Spirio piano.

Video – Steinway Spirio
Video – Steinway Spirio | r
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